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We have been applying lean enterprise to repetitive and non-repetitive processes for the last 21 years in many different services, products, and companies.

For the last decade, out of our diverse experience, we have successfully integrated lean into non-repetitive, engineered-to-order environments.

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consists of experienced professionals who excel in lean enterprise transformations.

Jorge Larco
Jorge L. Larco is president of J. L. Larco & Associates, LLC a consulting firm that provides domestic and international consulting services for manufacturing and service companies. A senior executive with years of industry
Elena Bortolan
Elena Bortolan has been involved since 1997 in a diverse and variednumber of activities focused on lean enterprise concepts and practices. She has gained an important experience in running and transforming traditional
Luca Palussi
Luca Palussi has developed deep knowledge of businesses internal processes during hisprofessional activity, which has started in 1998. All his experiences, as external consultant as well as internal manager, have been
Michael H. Studley
A Lean Enterprise professional with a track record of global success incompany-wide process improvement campaigns in the areas of Manufacturing, Distribution, Materials, and Administration. A unique combination of
Omero De Martin
Omero De Martin is a senior executive with many years of industry experience; heprovides expertise in leading global manufacturing companies with many operations throughout the world, as well as leading change in


Achieved Results

Build To Order


Throughput Time


Work in Process


Used Space


Global Distribution


Incomplete Orders


Truck Loading Saturation


Used Space






Work in Progress








Work in Progress


Used Space


Textile Products




Trailers for Grain







+ 100%


+ 400%

Inventory Turns

- 60%


- 50%

Lead Time

- 45%


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