starts with expertise in lean manufacturing
and proven know-how in its application

Worldwide Lean Consulting
J. L. Larco & Associates, Inc. is a USA based business consulting firm, assisting worldwide manufacturing and service companies in their conversion to a Lean Enterprise since 1994
Global Achievement
The company has a solid track record of achievements in Central and Eastern Europe, North and South America, Asia and Australia
Non Repetitive Work Environments
During the last 7 years we have been mainly involved with Lean projects in non repetitive, engineered-to-order environments
Responsive Business Model
We use the Toyota Production System (TPS) basic concepts and practices adapted to specific applications
Successful Implementation in Any Industry
We transformed companies with projects lasting several years; or that produce few pieces per month to thousands of pieces per day; with annual sales from about 30 million US$ to several billion US dollars
Design from Scratch
5 projects have required the design and implementation of 5 new factories, in Mexico, Slovakia, Poland, Australia and USA